20 interesting facts about About Mark Zuckerberg

20 interesting facts about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

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Hello friends, I told you about Facebook Success Story in one of my article and in that I also told you about Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder). I’m here to tell you today. 20 Interesting facts about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg There are some things about Mark that make him the most different, so let’s Begin.

1) Mark made a message program “Zucknet” and a music app “Synapse” at the age of 12.


2) Before Mark graduated High School, a large company (AOL and Microsoft) did a job offer but Mark did not accept any offer.


3) Mark had created a controversial website “FaceMash” before making facebook, which was later discontinued.


4) Mark first created Facebook for his college Harvard and the original name of facebook was thefacebook.


5) A movie on Mark and Facebook has also become “The Social Network”, but this movie is not liked by Mark.


6) Google, Viacom, MySpace, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, have tried to buy Facebook in the early days.


7) Mark became a billionaire by the earning of Facebook only at the age of 23.


8) Mark is vegetarian. Once he had said that he would eat meat only when he himself could kill a beast with his own hands.


9) Like Steve Jobs, Mark also takes just $1 for a year salary as CEO of Facebook.


10) Mark just wear the gray color t-shirt. Regarding this, he says that doing so does not waste his time in choosing the dress in the morning.


11) Mark has 335,000+ followers on twitter but you will find this information very strange. Mark has just tweeted just 19 times so far.


12) Mark has a disease known as red-green color blindness, and it is seen only in blue color, and this is the reason that most of Facebook’s interface is seen in blue color.


13) Mark has a Hungarian sheepdog whose name is “Beast” and Beast has its own Facebook page, which has 2 million fans.


14) Mark learned Chinese to talk only to his wife Priscilla Chan’s family member


15) Mark gave birth to his 99% Facebook shares for the betterment of the world, at a cost of about 45 billion dollars.


16) Nobody can block Mark on Facebook. You can also try by trying it out.


17) Mark had left his studies in the middle of Harvard University to complete his dream.


18) Mark gave thefacebook.com domain book on 1 January 2004. facebook.com domain was bought by mark in 2005 for $ 20,00,000. In addition, mark was purchased in fb.com domain name 8.5 million dollars.


19) Mark is at number 7th in the list of the world’s most admired people.


20) If you type @ [4: 0] in the facebook comment box, you will see the name of Mark Zuckerberg.


I hope you like this 20 interesting facts about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg post. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.



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