a short story of Alexander

a story short of Alexander

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When Sikandar returned to India, he went to meet a fakir, and when he came to see Sikandar, he began to laugh, but on this, Alexander made it in my mind that he was insulting me and told Faqir, “either you do not know me or else Your death has come “know who I am. I am Alexander the Great


Fakir started to laugh loudly too. He told Alexander, I do not see any greatness in you. I see you big and poor. Then Alexander told him that you are crazy I have won the whole world So the person has said that there is nothing like that. You are still ordinary, but if you say, then I ask you one thing that you are trapped in a desert and far away from you. No water is the source of water and there is no greenery, if you can find water, then what will you give in this state for a glass of water?


Alexander thought for some time and after that he said that if I give half of my state, Faqir said that if I do not accept half of the state, Sikandar said, in such a bad condition, I will give my whole state. Faqeer started to laugh again and said that the total value of your state is “just a glass of water” and you are being shattered with such pride. If there is a time, your state will not be enough for a glass of water, then yelling in the desert is very great Alexander the Great No one in Alexander the desert Great Alexander the Great Alexander No one will hear in the desert All greatness is just an illusion.


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