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Why commenting is important for your blog?

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Blog Commenting is a process by which you can promote your blog as much as possible and create quality backlinks for your blog. Blog Commenting is very important from SEO’s Point of View. We will talk about Benefits of Blog Commenting in this article, which can explain why we should Blog Comment and how we can benefit from it.

Blog Commenting is kept under off page SEO, because in Blog Commenting, We do nothing on our blog but work for our blog, so that our Blog can get benefits.

We are making this post so that it helps all bloggers and website owners to know about the benefits of commenting.

So let’s Began

By commenting, you have many benefits like

 1. Backlinks

The biggest benefit of commenting on another blog is the backlinks that come from it. Often new bloggers report that traffic on their blog is not coming from search engines, the biggest reason behind this is lack of backlinks. Backlinks rank your site in the search engine and this increases the website authority as well as the website authority.

Besides, when you comment on a blog, other visitors who read it also get information about your blog. So many of them become readers of your blog.

Backlinks from blog comments are often no-follow. Those whose values are very low but still they are a lot of work. Commenting on the blog quickly gets indexed in new blog search engines.


2. Traffic

There is nothing better than commenting on the promotion of the blog. The traffic coming from it is either direct or organic. Which is considered to be good for the search engine.

Blog traffic increases, which you need most in today’s date. Blog also has its own way of commenting. There is no point in commenting very good or nice, etc. You should write a comment in at least 50 words. There is talk related to the topic. There is no benefit to writing sarcasm Today there are also threaded comments along with WordPress. In which you can answer someone’s question or get an answer to your question.

Today is the time of social media, such as a big brand like Facebook, lets you add a comment box. Your blog post is a free promotion with the following comments. Also, good social signals are created for the blog. It is of great importance in terms of SEO.

Note these things in commenting –

  • 1. The first comment on the blog is yours.
  • 2. Write the comment in at least 50 words.
  • 3. Make sure that you attach your photo to your email at

Using a keyword instead of your name in the comments gives you a lot of benefits, but many bloggers will not accept it and delete your comments. But if you comment with your name, then it will immediately approve your comments.


3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

What are the benefits of SEO, most of us know a lot. SEO is taken advantage of by properly commenting on blogs. It is a good idea to get backlinks from a comment for off-site SEO.

  • Use the keyword by making your name.
  • List the blogs that give Do-follow backlinks.
  • Encourage commentators using the Top Commentator widget.

Just make a value-added comment. Do not waste your time.


4. Mutual relation

You can improve your relationship with other bloggers by commenting on a blog. It may happen that this relationship takes some time to be formed, but who is not happy with getting the comment. If you please make someone happy, the relationship will be automatically created. Think far and take away the comments.

When you make good Relation with other bloggers, then bloggers also favor and support your blog. Which helps you to grow your blog.


5. Build Your Blog as a Brand

You can Promote Your Blog as a Brand with Blog Commenting Help. Because when you comment on a blog, you have to enter your name, email and website address. And when you create a blog, you also add an icon of your blog to your email, so that when you comment on a blog then your Icon also shows there with your name. So that people know about your icon.

In this way you can just show a comment through your blog on other blogs, so that your blog comes in front of people like a brand.


6. Helps to Get More Information about Your Topic

When you visit to comment on a blog, you first need to read their article. With that you get information about their content, as well as when you visit to comment on a blog, we always prefer to comment on their latest articles, which can lead to more benefits and due to this We also read their article, which gives us the information of their New Topic and we can write that topic on our blog too, so that our readers get more articles and information on our blog and at the same time About that topic More than a stronger Information is also found.


7. Grow Your Social Media Followers

Grow Your Social Media Followers

When we visit Different Blogs for Blog Commenting, we also get some blogs where we can comment from our Facebook Account or Google Plus Account. In this way, some Blogs facilitate Commenting from Different Social Media Sites. You can comment on your blog through your Social Media Account.

When you comment on a blog from Social Media Account, and when their Blog Visitors are redirected to your Social Media Account by clicking on your comment. Then they come to know about your Social Media Pages, Through you, you follow them. This way you can Increase Your Social Media Followers through Blog Commenting.

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