Most 5 Biggest Reasons Why Bloggers Fail

5 Biggest Reasons Do The Bloggers Fail In Blogging

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Hello Friends, As we all know, thousands of new blogs are created every day on the Internet, and every blogger tries to succeed in this blogosphere, but despite this effort, thousands of bloggers stop blogging every day. So today we will know about the 5 Biggest Reasons Do The Bloggers Fail In Blogging.

With the help of platforms like WordPress, Blogger, a common man can also start his blog very easily, that is very easy to start blogging, but getting success in blogging is a challenging task. Most of the new bloggers today begin blogging without thinking and planning by looking at the other blogger’s earnings and too soon fails in blogging.


5 Biggest Reasons Do The Bloggers Fail In Blogging?


1) Lack of Passion (Selecting Wrong Niche)

It’s also like passion to read, write and talk about a particular subject even if it likes to think about passion or something. If you like the work you like if you blog on it then you will get 101% success.


But just reading from somewhere, seeing, the particular topic (niche) of the bloggers is very popular and they have good earnings and then start blogging on that niche itself is also the biggest reason for failing in blogging.


I would say that here first find your passion, then buy a domain name for your blog, so that it is related to your niche. If you want to go just like popular niche without any passion, then you also have to remember that you will get very high competition and without any passion, you will never be able to overcome them.


2) Lack of Planning

Blogging is not a one-day game. it takes time to be successful. In the beginning, new bloggers share with enthusiasm 2-3 posts on the same day, and then when they do not get good traffic immediately, they start thinking of leaving blogging.


So always blogging with planning and timetable Decide for all the work of blogging (keyword research, writing posts, commenting, promotion etc) and do not show laziness at that time.


3) Blogging only for Making Money

Some new bloggers just start blogging to make money, they think they will earn millions by posting anything on the blog, but they do not know who just blogs with the intention to make money, they never do good in blogging Due to not finding and earning money, they fail in blogging.


I believe that if you blog in order to share knowledge with someone, then you will also get traffic on your blog and you will earn good money. The newbie blogger takes at least 6 months in such a high competition to start earning money from his blog.


Some bloggers place Google Adsense on 100-200 per day pageviews on 2-3 old blogs, they do not earnings due to less traffic which Demotivates them, so first create high-quality blogs.

After Than Use the Google Adsense service.


4) Neglecting SEO


Before starting a blog, every newbie needs to know about SEO. I also believe that it takes time to become an SEO expert, but every newbie has a basic knowledge of SEO at least. If the blog and content have been optimized according to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then the traffic comes very quickly.


But the new blogger only focuses on writing content. He does not research any kind of keywords before writing content or does not create SEO optimize content, which results in the emergence of traffic on the blog and the blog without traffic is closed soon.


5) Lack of Patience


The biggest reasons for failing in blogging are the reasons for lack of patience. This reduction is mostly in all new bloggers. New bloggers think that they should start their own blog today and in 4 days they get traffic of thousands of people on their blog and they earn millions of rupees from their blog.


But this is not so easy in blogging as it takes time to get traffic on a blog and then to make money from a blog. Whatever good keywords you research and SEO, you will not get much traffic at the beginning of search engines.


Due to low traffic, your earning will also be less, due to which new bloggers get annoyed and leave blogging. I would suggest you start with 6 months and just focus on creating quality content and traffic and not earning.


Final Words: Why New Bloggers Fail in Blogging


I heartily say blogging is a good career option but only when you work hard with heart and not just looking at others, so if there is an issue with any of the points mentioned above, then solve it first and never Think of Leaving a Blogging (Happy Blogging journey)


I hope you liked this “5 Biggest Reasons Do The Bloggers Fail In Blogging” post. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.


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