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Hello Friends, whenever a blogger wants to start his blogging career, he has a confusion that what platform he should use to do blogging, WordPress or Blogger (Blogspot), and this confusion also happens because he doesn’t know about these two Right now. If you are a new blogger or have started blogging then this post is of great use because I will tell you that Blogger vs WordPress: Which is Better and Why?


Note: I am here to compare Self-Hosted WordPress with Blogger


Both Blogger and WordPress provide you a free blogging platform through which you can easily manage and use the blog, but which of these platforms is a right choice, the confusion remains to every blogger. A new blogger wants to know which platform is best for SEO, which is good for platform making money, which platform will be easier to use, many such questions are in the blogger’s mind, so let’s know. Blogger vs WordPress: Which is Better and Why?


Blogger vs WordPress: Introduction

Blogger –

This is a free blogging product of Google company that allows you to start your own blog with a few clicks. We also know this as the Blogspot.


WordPress –

This is an open source software that you can download easily from and use it as a blog or a website.


Blogger vs WordPress: Domain Name

Blogger –

On this platform, you can create your own free subdomain with like i.e. you can start your blog without any investment. Apart from this, you can also use your own registered domain name like


WordPress –

On this platform you have to register the domain name yourself for your blog like and I think that internet users also give the registered domain name more importance to the blog because they feel that some Having registered the domain by spending money, it would be a bit serious about blogging and content would also be good on its blog.


Blogger vs WordPress: Hosting

Blogger –

On this platform, you get free hosting but with some limitations. Now because your blog is hosted on the blogger’s server, you can delete your blog without any notice because of any mistake you have made.

WordPress –

On this platform, you have to purchase hosting for your blog i.e. you can buy hosting from any company you wish. Now because your blog is hosted on your own server, you also control your blog and not the WordPress.


Blogger vs WordPress: Easy to Use

Blogger –

Using this platform is easier than using any other blogging platform. Its drag and drop feature makes it very easy, apart from this, you also keep the focus of maintaining your blog on the blogger platform.


WordPress –

You have to have a little technical skill to use this platform. Its user-friendly dashboard was to make it different from other blogging platforms. You can easily manage your blog.


Blogger vs WordPress: Themes, Plugin, and Customization

Blogger –

On this platform, you get limited themes which you can customization on your own. You do not get the plugin on this platform, so you have to manage and maintain any kind of customization yourself.


WordPress –

On this platform, you get thousands of free and premium themes and plugins so you can create a great blog. You get lots of plugins for any specific task on the blog so that you do not have to work hard to manage and maintain the blog.


Blogger vs WordPress: Support

Blogger –

If you have any problem on this platform then after searching a lot, it gets a lot of documentation related to it, but it can not say whether it is your work or not.


WordPress –

On this platform, you get a solution of every problem you have on its own website Apart from this, you get lots of solutions even when you google.


Blogger vs WordPress: Security and Spam

Blogger –

This platform is very secure and its biggest reason is Google because it is a product of Google and better than another platform in terms of security. If talk, comment spam, its spam filter is not much better.


WordPress –

The security of this platform depends on which host you have hosted your blog because its security depends on the server. Apart from this, you get many plugins to stop comment spam.


Blogger vs WordPress: What is my Choice and Why?

You can guess the idea of my choice that runs on WordPress only. If you are serious about blogging and want to earn money by blogging a long time then WordPress is the best option. If you want to blog without investing, you can use the blogger.


I hope you find this “Blogger vs WordPress: Which is Better and Why?” “Would have liked the post. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.


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