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Degree vs Knowledge What is More Important in Career

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Difference between Degree and Knowledge Degree is like body and knowledge is like soul. So both are Important but if you see the today’s scenario as people are also earning by their skills and knowledge (Freelancing)

And if you take the example in concern with real time JOB too, then today’s startups people focus more on person’s knowledge than on degree. But For big Multi National Companies or Government Exams, etc degree is its preference.

If we get knowledge we are able to become a successful person. We can easily acquire any degree from any institution. We can gain knowledge from anything. Without knowledge you are a rotten apple with a good skin. As people come to know about you they will reject you. Degree is nothing but a piece of paper that does not defines you.

If you can it’s good it has worth only knowledge does not work make balance or start your business but you will get more client and customer and business if you have degree otherwise you have to be very genius if you want to achieve significant without degree.

Degree is just a paper, if you have degree but no knowledge then it’s useless.

There is no much difference in knowledge and degree….our degree gives us knowledge and our knowledge helps us to get degree they are correlated to each other….the only difference is that we can get knowledge from our personal life experiences, we can get it on our phone, TV but for a degree we have to go through a process….degree gives us the opportunity to show our knowledge…..because without degree you can’t be a judge, a IAS officer….knowledge can make you a dancer, a celebrity but people will always ask you about your qualification because that degree in your hand gave you the power to earn respect for your knowledge.

I think it depends on what you are doing. If you are going into computers you cannot fake that you do not have knowledge in this area. I have known quite a few people who have become successful in this industry without a degree. With some careers there is no way that you will ever get a job without a degree such as teacher, engineer, accountant, psychologist

There are different situations which compares both. I am listing a few here.

  1. To get a job, you need a degree and a fair amount of knowledge.
  2. To get a good job, you need a reputed degree and a lot of knowledge.
  3. To be able to produce jobs, no degree is required but a great deal of knowledge.
  4. If it’s not about a job then certainly KNOWLEDGE. So, basically it depends on what you want.


Examples: will show you the most common Examples of Richest people who inspire whole world.

1) Mark Zuckerberg

                                   He got his degree after 12 years, but what drove him to build & run the biggest social media platform ‘ The Facebook ‘ it was his knowledge for which he constantly working.

2) Jack ma

                                      He is from china and he doesn’t have degrees and now he is best business tycoons. Still he is a founder of Alibaba.

3) Bill Gates

He doesn’t having any degree. He is a bachelor fail. Still he is a founder of Microsoft.

4) Sundar pichai

He is from India and he almost done there study in computer science and now he is a (CEO of Google)


Many people who don’t have degrees are best business tycoons, example: Jack ma Alibaba founder, when you have knowledge degrees are just papers that won’t work.

You need to be capable of doing right thing at right time in right way which will not affect to the people.

Try to keep a goal in your life where your knowledge works.

If you can know that greatest hacker or conman or shoe maker or musician or chef or writer, do not had a degree to define them but knowledge about their field of work. And this is why very few people are successful.

Perception: perception: Degree is just a paper and assurance that you are graduated which can be act as a proof, but knowledge is like something which you need not to prove. It can speak itself, if you are good at something.

So according to Knowledge is important than degree.

  • Education is incrediblyimportant, especially if you want to do something in a specific field, like become an accountant, a scientist, a doctor, an engineer, or a lawyer. Education is
  • Unfortunately, we live in a world where a proof is needed for everything.

Proof to declare someone qualified = QUALIFIED

Proof to declare someone innocent = INNOCENT

Firstly, if person only got degree and no knowledge in that field, that person is useless….

Secondly, If person got only knowledge he will do the thing, but with bit difficulty….

Last, person who got knowledge with degree will do it in best way.


In simple words,

Degree + No Knowledge = 0

No Degree + Knowledge = 50

Degree + Knowledge = 100


Hope you have understood Degree vs Knowledge What is More Important in Career

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