How to enable Two-Step Verification on Gmail

How to enable Two-Step Verification on Gmail


Hello friends, Today everyone has an email account, and most people use Gmail account for email and use the same email id to make an account on Facebook, Twitter, and another website so it becomes very important. Your Gmail account is pretty much secure anybody cannot access or hack easily, and therefore you must have 2 step verification on your Gmail account so today we will learn that How to Enable Two-Step Verification on Gmail.


What is a two-step verification?

When we create an account and sign in to that account, then just type your password, it is called 1 Step verification, mean a single layer of account security. And if you want 2 Step verification on your Gmail account, then after entering the password, you also have to enter an OTP (one time password) that comes to your mobile and it is called 2 Step verification mean double layer security


Two-step verification is the best way to prevent unauthorized access to your account, even if someone knows your password, then they cannot login to your account. So let’s know how you can use 2 Step verification on Gmail by using your mobile or computer.


How to Active 2 Step Verification on Gmail Account Step By Step


A) First, you can click on this link Google 2-Step Verification and then click on Get Started.



two Step Verification on Gmail Step1


B) Now you will be asked for your email id and password. If you are already logged into Gmail, you will only be asked for a password. Please login by typing correctly.

C) Now you have to click on Start Setup button if you ask for password after this, then type it.

D) You have now come to the 2-Step Verification page. Now you get that mobile no here Type what you have to activate, that means you want to call the OTP code. Mobile no Type and click on Next.


two Step Verification on Gmail Step2


E) You have to type the OTP here which has come to your mobile. Check your message in your mobile and you will get an OTP and type it here and click on Next.


two Step Verification on Gmail Step3


F) Now You just click on TURN ON.


two Step Verification on Gmail Step4


G) Congratulations! 2 step verification is done in your account Now whenever you open your account, you will need to type OTP after password which will be sent on your mobile nob.

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