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Many people are not aware of Freelancing, but we will understand this very easily as if you have a lot of talent in some things like Photoshop, Writing, Painting, Music, Computer Expert, Image Design, and so on. Someone has to do some of these things, whether it is a photo or a design, you can do his job. In return, he will give you the amount. This is called Freelancing. Now there is some website on the internet which takes all these things online and in return gives you the big amount.


This is the most popular website to make money but you have to work hard here, but it may take a few months to succeed. If you succeed in these websites then you can earn up to $50 in a day. There is no restriction of time in freelancing so you can work in it whenever you want. So here you have to create an account in which you have to fill your skills and correct information about yourself.


You might be thinking that you will work on the website but there is nothing like this, the website is like a bridge on which it works and you are working towards it when you have to write something to a company or any person or someone The second thing to do is to go to a website like Upwork, Fiverr and post his work. Or if someone has done his work before, then he can give that work to him.


If you can do his work, then he can also give you work if you do his job well and he will give you the money. So here the website gets work and you get some commission.


If you want to try the Freelancing website, keep these things in mind carefully:-

  • In it, you have to keep your profile complete and keep your real profile photo in it, so that people will believe in you.
  • When choosing the skill, choose your skill only because you have to give a test.
  • If you have a very good experience on these websites, then you can charge 1 hour 50 $ from these websites.
  • Here you have to talk to the person who works with you in a very good way and make him believe that you can do his job well.


Freelancing Top 16 Website

  1. Upwork

  2. Fiverr

  3. Peopleperhour

  4. Toptal

  5. Elance

  6. Project4hire

  7. SimplyHired

  8. IFreelance

  9. Freelancer

  10. Craigslist

  11. Guru

  12. 99designs

  13. Freelance Writing Gigs

  14. Demand Media

  15. College Recruiter

  16. GetACoder


Hope you have understood what is freelance.

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