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How get approval Google adsense and when to try this (Update 2018)

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Hello friends, whenever a new blogger completes his blog, or publishes it on the Internet, then the first question in his mind is how and when he will get the Google AdSense Approval on his blog, the answer to this question  You will be able to read this post I told you which things to keep in mind before applying google Adsense.


1) Blog Content

To get Google AdSense approved, it is most important not to have a word on your blog that Google AdSense does not approve, such as pornography, gambling, hacking and violence content.


Google AdSense does not approve a blog that publishes content (text, image or video) of other blogs on your blog, so the content of your blog should be original and not someone’s copyrighted content.


You do not have too many images in your content if you have used images then write content accordingly. If you use too many images without full description, then Google Adsense will not approve your application.


2) Blog’s Design and Layout

You must be a blog user-friendly for Google AdSense approval. Being a user friendly of any blog means that the design and layout of that blog is Unique that any user can easily access that blog and easily read the numerical content on the blog so it is very important to be responsive to your blog. So when a users open your blog on computer, tablet or mobile, then do not get into trouble accessing blog and get a better experience.


3) Minimum Posts / Articles / Pages

There is no minimum limit of posts / articles / pages from Google AdSense, but if you do not want to take any kind of risk in Google AdSense approval, then at least 40 to 50 posts / articles / pages on your blog or blog Let it happen and at the same time be in good quality and at least 500- 600 words should be with the right images.


4) Domain Name and Email ID

Many people make their own blogs using BlogSpot or wordpress, and they take free sub-domains from platforms like or but google such sub-domain is such a priority. Not give top level domain name, for Google AdSense, you must have top level domain name such as .com .net .in etc.


Apart from this, your domain name (blog) should be at least 5-6 months old as google adsense also thinks that a blog can be set up well in 5-6 months. Having it means that no. of Posts and No. of Visitors, that means the visitors’ stories also get better on your blog.


As we mentioned above, we just mentioned above that Google AdSense gives priority to top level domain name more than sub-domain name. Similarly if you provide an email id for your blog, at Being good is at your own domain like, so for Google AdSense approval, this is also a plus point in itself.


5) Some Essential Pages for Blog

For some Google AdSense ads, it is very important to have some pages on your blog such as about us page in which you tell about yourself and your blog, contact us page, in which you create a contact form so that your visitors can contact you, Privacy policy page in which you tell your visitors what information they are collecting and what they will use, etc., disclaimer policy page in which you tell visitors the policy of using the blog, and besides these you comment Policy page also adds. All these pages give visitors and search engine complete information about your blog.


6) Sitemap Page

If not, then Sitemap file should be on every website / blog because if you want to be seen in the search results of your website search engine. Sitemap is an XML file that contains the link (URL or address) of all the web pages in your blog, and we submit this file to different search engines and use this file to access all the search engines on your blog. Better crawls and this makes ranking good in every page of your blog’s search engine, and Google AdSense is a plus point for approval.


7) Robots.txt File

Google AdSense approval also shows what you have done to make your blog a success, that is, how serious you are to blogging. To create a blog, it is important to have a robots.txt file in your blog. Robots.txt is like a simple notepad text file, but it is very important for a blog  because when any search engine arrives on your blog, it will be the first robots.txt file Only because the robots.txt file tells search engines about which web pages and folders are crawl and no one in the blog.


8) Blog Traffic and Ranking

There is no guideline on how much traffic and rank you have on your blog to get approval for Google AdSense, so you do not worry about it, but as you know, if there is no traffic on the blog then you will not have any income hence the right Apply only after the traffic (500-600 per day) is done and keep in mind that no matter how much traffic you have on your blog, be real, meaning not paid traffic.


9) Other Ads Network

Google AdSense does not support advertisements of many other advertisements, but still, when you are applying for google adsense, remove ads from the ads company, unless you get approval from it. There is no risk of getting rejected.


10) AdSense Terms and Conditions

It is most important for Google AdSense approval to be in accordance with all the terms and conditions of your blog adsense. That’s why you should read all the terms and conditions carefully by going to google adsense website.


Hello friends, I hope you liked this post “How and when to get Google AdSense Approval” If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.


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