how to activate SBI Internet Banking Online

how to activate SBI Internet Banking Online


Hello friends, Today we will learn how to activate SBI Internet Banking Online. As you all know, SBI is India’s largest bank, that is, the largest branch of SBI in entire India. SBI has the highest number of customers, due to which there is a lot of crowd in all these branches and I think SBI employees are also not very helpful due to excessive workload.


If you went to SBI even for a small work like money transfer, then you have to waste your 2-3 hours. Take the token first and then fill the form and then wait for your number in the long-long line. There are many such problems that due to which many customers seem to get very messy work going to SBI.


But due to being India’s largest bank, you get a lot of benefits from having your SBI account at most places which sometimes cannot be found with another bank. Therefore, it is important to have an account in SBI bank and if you want to avoid the problem of coming to the SBI branch, then it is a simple solution, Internet Banking.


What is internet banking and how to activate internet banking online?

Internet Banking, which is also called Online Banking, E-Banking, and Virtual Banking. Through Internet Banking, a user can log all the banking activities, such as money transfers, balance inquiries, bill payments, online shopping etc. by logging in to the bank’s website on any of its time, anytime, on your computer’s browser.


Internet banking is a highly secured online gateway that allows a user to directly connect to their bank account by entering their own User ID and Password. SBI also offers you many facilities through Internet Banking. In this post, I will tell you from the details how you can use SBI Internet Banking Online


There are 2 ways to activate SBI Internet Banking. First, you go to the branch of SBI where your account is, then fill the form for Internet Banking and submit it there. After that, the branch will send an Internet Banking Kit to your home address via post, which will be your login username and password.


But as I told you that doing any work by going to the SBI branch means to waste too much time. That’s why you can use the second method and sit in your home-sit-in internet with SBI Internet Banking Activate. Let’s know how you can activate SBI Internet Banking Online from home.


How to register internet banking online?

Pre Requires: To register for SBI Internet Banking Online, you must have a passbook, ATM Card and Registered Mobile Number. You get account number, CIF number and branch code on your passbook. If you have all these things, then you can register SBI Internet Banking Online by following all the steps given below.


Step 1: First visit SBI’s website at Then click on New User Registration. You will now have a popup that you want to fix.

SBI Internet Banking login


Step 2: Now another new window (page) will open in front of you. On which one form will come in which you have to fill all the information carefully. First of all, enter your account number, CIF number and branch code, you will find all these information in your passbook.

Fill Account Details For active internet banking

Step 3: After clicking on the submit button, you will come to the next page and an OTP will appear on your registered mobile number. Which you have to enter on this page and click on Confirm button.

one time password (otp)


Step 4: Now you will get 2 options to register for Internet Banking. You have to click on the first option “I have my ATM Card” and click on Submit button.

Select ATM card for verifying Internet banking Online

Step 5: Now on the next screen you have to fill out a form to verify your ATM Card. In which you enter your Card Number Number, Valid date, Card Holder Name and ATM PIN, then click Captcha Text and click on Proceed button.

Submit Your Debit card Details for apply internet banking online


Step 6: Now your next page will arrive, where you will get your Temporary Username, which you can copy, except that this Temporary Username will be in your mobile SMS. Now you have to create a temporary password for first time login and last you have to click on Submit button.


Note: All things need to be done in Digits [0-9], Lowercase and Uppercase Letters [A-Z] [a-z] and Special characters [@ # & *!] In password such as wikieedia@001

select your password for apply internet banking online


Step 7: Congratulation! Your account has been created. You will now see the message given below. But the picture is still there, my friend, now you have just registered and you just have a Temporary Username and Password. That is, now when you login first time you will have to activate your account.

internet banking registered successfully


SBI Internet Banking Online Activate Kaise Kare?

Step 1: First open the SBI website whose link was given to you above. Now click on the log in button. Now you will open a new page where you have to click on Continue to Login.

first login for apply internet banking online


Step 2: Now the login form will appear in front of you where you have to enter your username and password. Both of them were found to register your account. Now you can click on the login button.

submit user id and password for login to internet banking

Step 3: This is your First Time Login, so now you have to select your Username. Username is unique, so after entering the username, check the username and click check. If the username is available then you will get the message or else try another username.

enter username for login first time in internet banking

Step 4: Now you have to choose a password to log in just as you did during the registration process, just the difference was that it an temporary password and this will be permanently followed by the same password whenever you login. After entering the password, click the confirm button.

choose new password and confirm new password for internet banking online


Step 5: Now you will see the last step of account activation. Here you have to create your profile. First create your profile password, let me clarify here that the password you created before was created as a login password by which you login and you can change your profile information with profile password.


Now you can select an hint question and enter its answer. If you ever forget your profile password, you can use reset to answer the hint question. Next, you can enter Date of Place, Country and Mobile number and click on Submit button.

set new profile for internet banking online


Step 6: Congratulation! Finally your account has been activated too. Now you can use your account by clicking on the Skip button and you can use it (money transfer etc).

congratulation your internet banking has been successfully updated online


I hope you liked this post  “how to activate SBI Internet Banking Online” If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.


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