What is Name-servers and how to change it

How to Change Domain Nameservers – Connect Domain with Hosting

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Hello friends, Today we will learn how to connect your domain name to any of your web hostings by changing your domain nameservers. Apart from this, we will learn what the nameservers are and why do we have to change domain nameservers?


As you know, if you want your websites or blogs to be accessed from anywhere on the Internet, then you have to first buy a domain name and web hosting for your site.


After buying a domain and hosting, you have to connect your domain name with the hosting, but it also has 2 situations. The first condition is that some bloggers buy a domain name and web hosting from the same company.


And the second situation is that some bloggers buy a domain name from a different company. The first name of the bloggers with the status of the bloggers is already connected to the hosting because the nameservers of that domain are pointing to the same hosting.


But in the second case, it happens as you did the domain name purchased from GoDaddy company and web hosting buy was done by the HostGator company, that the nameservers of default domain name were pointing to the hosting server of your company (GoDaddy).


Therefore, we have to enter the nameservers of that company in the DNS management of our domain name, from which we have purchased the hosting.


What are Nameservers and how to change Domain Nameservers?

As you know, any Internet users only need to have a domain name to access any website. Internet users have to send a request to access your site by typing your domain name in their browser to access your website.


That request goes to your domain registrar and there the nameservers of that domain are checked and then from the nameservers it shows that where your site’s DNS records are stored i.e. Nameservers are those servers that store your DNS records.


nameserver Email Send


How Do I Change / Update Nameservers from Godaddy.?

You have purchased the domain from any company, the process of changing all nameservers is almost the same. Now because most people buy domains from GoDaddy, so here I am telling you to change/update domain nameservers on Godaddy.


Step 1: First of all you have to log in to Godaddy site. After logged in, you will see the list of domains that you have purchased. Now click on the DNS button given to the domain nameservers you want to change.


purchased domain list


Step 2: Now your DNS Management page will open. You can see Nameservers settings when you scroll down that page slightly below. As I mentioned above that by default nameservers are your domain registrar company only.


DNS Management page


So to change them first, click on the change button and select the custom option from the list of your new nameservers type and then enter the nameservers of your web hosting company in the following Nameservers field.


change new nameservers from godaddy


After that you have to click on the save button, just click on it. Nameservers are updated at least 30 minutes and at most 24 Hours, and then after the help of these nameservers, your domain starts pointing to your hosting company’s DNS records.


Domain Name System – I have written a detailed post on what is DNS and how it works. I would suggest that you read that post because after reading that post you will get answers to many questions related to the internet.


I hope you’ve liked this “How to Change Domain Nameservers – Connect Domain with Hosting” post. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.


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