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What is the HTML and how to make a website with HTML

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Hello friends, Today will learn “What is the HTML and How to make a website with HTML”. Whatever information you want to see today, you can easily search the internet and you also know that whatever information you get on the internet is on a website. Do you know how to create a website, if not, keep reading this post because after reading this post, you can also create your own website?


All the website is created by adding multiple web pages (interlink or hyperlink). The texts, images, videos, animation, etc. are displayed on web pages. You can also speak digital, electronic or HTML documents to web pages. To create a website, you have to do a website designing course in which you are first taught HTML.


What is the HTML?

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a computer language that we use to create web pages. HTML was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. When the Internet started, a complete website (collections of web pages) was created by HTML, but now there are so many computer language maps that you can use to create a great website, blog or ERP system.


The use of HTML in today’s website is greatly reduced. HTML is used only to structure the website, and we use CSS to give its style. In this way, you can understand that the structure of the bones from the HTML is created and then the look of skin on it with CSS. So you have to learn nothing more in HTML than just some basic tags and attributes.


What are HTML tags and attributes?

As you have now understood that what is HTML and now we will talk about HTML tags and attributes. A webpage contains elements such as Headings, Paragraphs, Tables, Images, Links, Forms, Lists, and only through HTML tags and attributes, we create all these elements on the webpage. By using tags and attributes, we create the structure of the webpage and tell the browser how to show which elements. Browser does not show HTML tags but reading them only understands how to display which elements.


What is HTML Tag?

There are a lot of tags and attributes in the HTML but as I told you, the HTML is used to make a just simple structure and to give that structure the style of CSS so that you will learn all the tags and attributes of HTML simultaneously. There is no need for you to know just some basic common tags and their attributes, that is enough.


  • The HTML tag is written between the angle brackets like <TagName>.
  • Most tags are in pairs, which we call opening tag <TagName> and closing tag </ tagName>.
  • There are just some tags in the HTML that do not have a closing tag.


<!DOCTYPE html>



<title> Your Page Title </title>



<h1> Your Page Heading </h1>

<p> Your  Page Paragraph </p>




HTML Elements

From the opening tag of HTML to the closing tag and the numerical content between them is called the HTML element.


Such as: – <tagname> content </ tagname>


HTML Attributes

  • Most HTML tags have some attributes, which provide additional information to HTML elements.
  • Attributes are always applied in the opening tag.
  • HTML tags can have more attributes at once.
  • In attributes, the name of the first attributes is written, which is also called property and then its value. Like <tagname name = “value”> content </ tagname>


Some Important HTML Tags


HTML tags

All tags in HTML come only in the middle of HTML tags, which means that the first HTML tag is open and the last tag in the last tag is close.


HEAD tag

In this tag, we add links to files of meta information, page title, and external CSS, javascript etc. of our web page.



This tag comes in the middle of the head tag, in it, we give the title of our web page like Home Page, Contact page, About Us page etc. The Page title appears in the title bar of our page.


BODY tag

HTML page has 2 parts first head tag and second body tag. Whatever elements you want to display on your web page are written in the middle of the body tag.


Heading tag

In HTML, there are heading tags from <h1> to <h6>, which we use to maintain heading structure on our web page. The text size in <h1> heading is greatest and the <h6> is the smallest in heading.


Paragraph tag

As you know, after heading, we write our main content for which we use the <p> paragraph tag.


Formatting tag

Well, if we give HTML elements the formatting (style) CSS, but HTML also has some basic formatting tags. With the help of which you can do basic formatting of HTML elements. Like to <b> bold and <strong> tag text to darken <i> To divert italic tag text. <u> to the bottom line of the underline tag text.


Anchor tag

As I told you there are a lot of web pages on a website and we have to link them all, we use <a> anchor tag for it. By using href attributes in <a> anchor tag, we tell that link to which web pages or location we want to link to.


Image tag

Use this tag to add images to our webpage. <img> Using src attributes in the image tag, we tell that the image we are adding to our webpage is where it is saved.


Table tag

This tag we use to create a table in our webpage. To create a table, we use tags and attributes in the middle of <table> tag, <tr> table row, <th> table header, <td> table data, etc.


Lists tag

This tag is used to create <ol> Ordered List (1, a, A, i) and <ul> Unordered List (●, ○, ■) in our webpage. <Li> The list item tag is used to show items in both of these lists.


Form tag

This tag is used to generate data input from users by creating forms on our webpage. In the middle of the <form> tag we use elements such as <input>, <select>, <textarea> and so on.


Comments tag

If you want to write a few things in your HTML code to remember, then we write them in <! – Your Text à comments tag. Whatever your text comments tag says, your browser does not show it on the browser.






How to create a webpage from HTML and how to view them?

I hope that by reading this post, we have understood that what is the HTML and some important HTML tags. Now let me tell you that where you have to do your HTML code to create a webpage. To HTML code, you can use notepad text editor in your computer or download notepad ++ text editor from the Internet.


If the command is fine on your HTML then I would suggest that you can also use the Dreamweaver software, this software will make your HTML code easier. Notepad or Dreamweaver lets you use any software after you have HTML code, you have to save your file with .html or .htm file extension.


Whenever you save a file from a .html or .htm file extension, then you can view it on your browser by uploading to your local computer (PC) or web server. The browser will show your HTML code by reading it on your webpage. I hope you have now understood that the HTML is the key


Extra Tips:

What is the HTML and how to make a website with HTML

It teaches HTML mostly in the 5th-6th class in school boards. Now you can predict how easy it will be to learn HTML. It takes more than 1-2 hours to learn basic in HTML. You just get the right tutorial and guideline. I have given you the basic introduction of HTML and its tags above and I hope you have understood it well.


If you want to learn HTML in more detail, you can see the videos tutorial of HTML on YouTube or you can learn HTML by visiting the W3Schools website. This is the best site to learn web programming.


What Next:

Now you better understand this as what is the HTML, how to use it and how to learn it. So now you quickly learn HTML and then after that, you can read my Recent post as I have done my “What is CSS and how to create a great website with CSS” Post.


I hope you have liked this post as “What is HTML and how to make a website with HTML” If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.


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