Increase mobile speed by cleaning junk files

How to increase mobile speed by cleaning junk files from your mobile

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As you know, Android mobile always has a Memory Problem. Take any more memory phone, the memory problem comes in a few days and due to this problem, we can not install any new apps from PlayStore as PlayStore shows you an insufficient memory error. With the help of Memory Problems, our mobile process is also slow, so today we will learn that How to increase mobile speed by cleaning junk files from your mobile


What are junk files and why junk files should be removed

When you install or use any apps on your mobile, those apps create some temporary files in your memory through which they complete their processing. These files are unused after processing, but these files are Retain temporary memory. In the same way, we keep installing apps on our mobile or installing their temporary files.


Likewise, there are some apps on our mobile that we have stopped using, so we uninstall such apps but those apps leave some of their system files and folders behind them. In the same way, we do not forget how many apps are installed and then uninstall on their mobile and all their temporary files are created.


These are the temporary files we call junk files. Junk files waste our mobile memory and slow down the processing speed of our mobile. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you remove these junk files from your mobile because they are useless down your mobile performance. Removing them will increase the performance of your mobile and there is no harm to mobile by removing them.


How to increase mobile speed by cleaning junk files from android mobile

You should periodically remove the junk files from your mobiles such as after 1 week or 2 weeks, your memory will also be free and the mobile performance will also be good. To remove Junk files you will find many apps on the PlayStore, but only a few of them are apps that do their job correctly. I have told you some apps below that you can use any of them on your mobile.


Clean Master- This is a great app for junk files cleaning. This is all in one utility package for android mobile, inside which you get Junk files cleaner, antivirus, phone booster, CPU cooler, notification cleaner, battery saver, AppLock, and app manager.


CCleaner- This is also a multi-functional app like Clean Master. This removes cache data, empty folders and junk files from your mobile. Apart from this, you can uninstall many apps simultaneously through its app manager. Both of these apps will get you free on PlayStore.


Extra Tips-  Apart from the above method, you keep your mobile and install apps installed in it, by uninstalling Useless apps from your mobile, disabling Sync App Data and some apps that already come in mobile and If we do not use them or uninstall them then you can disable such apps.


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