Make Paytm BHIM UPI ID

How to make Paytm BHIM UPI ID and How to Use Paytm UPI?


Hello friends, Today in this post we will talk about Paytm BHIM UPI and you will learn more about how you can create your UPI ID and UPI PIN from Paytm BHIM UPI and you can send payment and Received payment from Paytm UPI.


I can guarantee that you must have heard the name of Paytm because today everywhere TV, newspaper, social media, coffee cafe, restaurant, you will see Paytm advertisements and Paytm payment option.


Since the notes of 500 and 1000 rupees were closed, then users of Paytm increased rapidly and everywhere you were seen or heard of Paytm’s tagline (#Paytmkaro) and today Paytm India’s largest online Payment wallet.


Today you have to recharge the mobile, rent a taxi, book a movie ticket or have to pay any kind of money i.e. today you have to pay for any work or anyone you want to buy.


Today most of the Smartphone users use Paytm because now our country is expanding its move towards cashless society very fast i.e., in simple words, today Its time of Digital Payment Methods.


Today when it comes to digital payment methods, the first name comes from Paytm itself. Paytm is a major contributor to taking India towards the cashless society. In August 2010, Paytm was launched by Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma.


Paytm was just an online mobile recharge app but gradually it added new features to add and today Paytm has become a complete bank.


In order to further its mission, Paytm has launched a separate app Paytm for the business app for merchants (merchants) and additionally Paytm has added BHIM UPI payment system in its regular payment app. Let’s first know what is Paytm BHIM UPI?


What is Paytm BHIM UPI?

Before knowing what is Paytm BHIM UPI and how it works, you have to understand what is the UPI

I have shared a detailed post with the UPI, in which I have shared all the information about UPI like what is UPI, how UPI works, How UPI payment apps use, UPI ID and What is MPIN?


So if you want full information about UPI, then please click on the link given above to read my post and then continue to read this post as you go to the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) if you read this post. So you will understand much better.


I hope that you will have read the post-UPI and after that, you are continuing this post, as I told you in that post that UPI is a payment system which is almost done by banks in payment apps have been integrated.


Therefore, Paytm has also added BHIM UPI to its payment app and its advantage is that you can now use Paytm wallet and Paytm BHIM UPI in the single Paytm app, and one thing is that both Paytm BHIM UPI and Paytm UPI Meaning is the same.


In order to use the BHIM UPI feature in Paytm, first you have to update your Paytm app and then you will see the option of Paytm BHIM UPI and then you can use the BHIM UPI feature on Paytm like other UPI apps. Can be


How does Paytm BHIM UPI work?

As you may have read in my UPI post, the same process is to use the UPI payment system in all the payment applications i.e., first of all, you have to register your registered mobile number with your bank account.


You can add one or two linked the bank account mobile number to UPI app and along with that, you will get a UPI ID which is also called Virtual Payment Address (VPA) and UPI address.


After adding bank account on Paytm BHIM UPI and creating UPI ID, you will have to create a UPI PIN (MPIN) for payment confirmation from your bank account and then you can easily use Paytm BHIM UPI…


Now in this post, you will learn more about how you can add your bank account to Paytm BHIM UPI, how to create your Paytm BHIM UPI ID, and how to send and receive payments from Paytm UPI.


How to make Paytm BHIM UPI ID and UPI PIN?

Step 1: When you open your Paytm app, you will see the Paytm BHIM UPI feature in the first row and if you are not showing in the Paytm app, then update your Paytm app.


Step 2: When you tap on the Paytm BHIM UPI option, you will have the Link to Bank Account with Paytm BHIM UPI page open here and here you have to select your Bank but remember the bank you are selecting is registered mobile number It’s important to be in your mobile.


Step 3: Now Verify your Mobile Number page will open in front of you and here you have to select the sim whose number is linked to your bank account.


step-1 to setup petup paytm bhim upi id


Step 4: Now your registered number will send an SMS to UPI and once your SMS send, your number will be verified and one thing else is to be 2-5 Rs / – in your sim. If you do not have the money to send the SMS So SMS will not be sent or will the number be verified.


Step 5: Once your number is verified, your UPI ID (VPA) will be created and it will be something like your number @ paytm such as 8387XXXX7X@ paytm.


Now if you want to receive a payment from someone, then you do not have to give him your bank account number, IFSC code etc information. You just give your UPI ID and the person can enter your UPI payment in their UPI payment app.


Step 6: When we do online payment after we enter the payment information of the payment receiver, we are sent an OTP (One Time Password) on our mobile to confirm that and only after entering the OTP Payment is confirmed.


Similarly, in the UPI payment app, the MPIN is used to confirm the payment. We also call the MPIN as the UPI PIN. The UPI PIN is the number (PIN) of 6 digits (some digits in some UPI app).


Now you also have to create a UPI PIN in Paytm BHIM UPI and for that, you have to tap “Set UPI PIN” and then enter the last 6 digits of your ATM-cum-Debit card and then have to create your UPI PIN.


Note: If you have used UPI before, you will already have a UPI PIN that means that you do not have to create a new UPI PIN.


Step 7: After creating UPI ID (VPA) and UPI PIN (MPIN) in Paytm BHIM UPI, you can Send and Receive Money.


step-2 for setup paytm bhim upi id


How to Send and Money Money from Paytm BHIM UPI?

If you want to pay someone from your Paytm BHIM UPI that means you want to send money, then you have to get the UPI ID of that person and if you do not have a UPI ID, you can also pay by using its bank account number and IFSC code. Ho.


To send money from Paytm UPI, first you have to enter the UPI ID of the payment receiver and then you will have to enter the payment amount and then enter your UPI PIN to confirm the payment.


If you want to receive a payment from your Paytm BHIM UPI then you have to give your UPI ID to that person and if you do not have a UPI ID then you will get paid by sending your bank account number and IFSC code.


Paytm BHIM UPI Special Offer: Paytm BHIM UPI will get a cashback of Rs.50 for the first transaction, but you will have to do this transaction on the day you created UPI address.


All Questions and Answers (FAQs) related to Paytm UPI


Que 1. What is Paytm BHIM UPI?

Ans. Paytm is a unified payment interface of BHIM UPI, which provides instant money transfer service from one bank account to another with the help of your mobile UPI app.


Que 2. What is Paytm BHIM UPI ID?

Ans. The Paytm BHIM UPI ID is a unique ID that can receive and send payments from any UPI payment app. We also call the UPI ID as the Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

Paytm BHIM UPI by default your UPI ID is created, something like this is your number @ paytm, but you can also change it to your name @ paytm.


Q3: Can I link single UPI ID to multiple bank account?

Ans. Yes, you can do this, but to receive and send the payment you have to set a primary bank account to some bank account and you can set a primary bank account to any other bank at any time.


Q4: How much payment can the Paytm BHIM UPI pay, and how much is the transaction charge?

Ans. Paytm UPI app or any other UPI app you can transfer up to a maximum of Rs 1 lakh in a day, and the best part is that there is no charge of money transfer in any UPI app.


Q5: What is the difference between Paytm Wallet and Paytm BHIM UPI?

Ans. Paytm Wallet and Paytm BHIM UPI are two separate sections in the Paytm app and you can use them separately.


Q 6. What is the difference between a password and Paytm BHIM UPI PIN in Paytm app?

Ans. Paytm uses the password to login to the app but if you have to enter the UPI PIN in the Paytm app to confirm the payment from Paytm BHIM UPI.


I hope you like how to build this Paytm BHIM UPI ID and How to Use Paytm UPI. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.


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