MLA Full Form | Salary | Work | Privileges | Responsibilities

MLA Full Form | Salary | Work | Privileges | Responsibilities

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A few days ago my friend suddenly started asking about MLA. He asked some questions like MLA ki Full Form Kya Hai, Full Form of MLA, How Much Salary MLA Received, MLA Privileges, Work of MLA and Responsibilities of MLA.

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Also, I have research on the internet but here I found some of the very limited blogs about MLA.

So I have decided that I wanted to research and write about MLA. and now here I’d share with you everything about MLA.

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MLA Full Form

Full form of MLA is Member of Legislative Assembly. An MLA is elected from a particular state of around lakes of people (voters) called constituency to the legislature of the state government in India and represents them in the state assembly.

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