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freelance strategy If you want to be a successful freelancer, you have to have a strategy. Without any strategy, you can’t achieve your goal.
If you just start your freelance career, you have to understand why this niche is yours. Without why you can’t understand your value. Every freelancer should have a benefit which will sell. Because any clients look for creative ideas with the special proposition.
Create your account on freelance sites. Describe your advantage and your experience.

Always develop your skills. Because freelance niche is really crowded. Have additional knowledge is always your competitive advantage.

Build relationships with your clients. You will have always clients and their references. Come up additional gifts to your clients.

There’s no one “best” skill, but the more you know about your ideal client, the better you’ll become at interacting with them.
I will say this, though, while it is important to highlight how fantastic you are as a professional, you need to make the entire process all about the client. This means you ask questions about their objective. You learn how to communicate with the client. You ensure that you understand their needs. Show off your knowledge. Give a small piece of advice, if appropriate. Thank them for their consideration and say that you look forward to hearing from them soon.
Finding your niche.
Once you’ve found what you’re truly passionate about, the work you produce will reflect the quality.

These examples will help you to understand freelance strategy

  • Grow Your Personal Brand:- 

Revise your resume, make sure it looks amazing in order to catch the attention of everyone you send it to. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, create one, if you do, make sure it is complete and be sure to provide as much information as possible. A website showcasing your portfolio is very beneficial, it shows you are technologically savvy and allows you to show off your creative side. Do whatever you can to showcase who you are, what you’ve done and all that you are capable of.

  • Make your own Portfolio: 

Make your own portfolio where you can direct the clients to your previous work. But if you have no Portfolio and you searching a job it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. So this is a good way to make your own portfolio and show your experience, Skills, and education.

  • Add your Freelance Specialty to Social Profiles:-

Are you using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and other Social websites? If you have then connected it or share your freelancer portfolio on this social websites. When some visit your profile and they will quickly know that your freelancer.

  • Use Social Search to find a Freelancing Jobs:-

The twitter is the best social search engines that you can easily find the job opportunity. Simple type the job title and you will get so many results about the job. Not only search the job on social websites but you can also search freelancing job websites like Freelancer, Vemploy, Up Work, Fiver etc.

  • Measure and adapt:-

A good freelancing strategy adapts to the situation. This means you’ll need to keep learning and keep adapting your strategy based on what you learn. Freelancing is a field that constantly changes.

  • Learn from others:-

Find freelancers who already have the success you already aspire to. (Many will probably be online) and read their tips, their books, and blogs. Write down the things that are of interest to you, then do #1. You can look at freelancer profiles on LinkedIn and freelance job sites. Look for freelancing mentors who give general advice as well as freelancing mentors who provide advice for your specific industry.

  • Find New Clients:-

Utilize websites where you can showcase your skills such as Hub staff Talent – this is my favorite website for freelancers and agencies to connect. The great thing about Hub staff Talent is that they have thousands of businesses and agencies looking for talented freelancers and once they discover you they can contact you directly. It is 100% free and there are zero fees for signing up, unlike similar sites who take anywhere between 10-20% of your hourly wage.

  • Reach Out To Your Existing Network:-

The best way to find clients is by reaching out to your existing network. Spread the word to friends and family, tell them about the services your offer and ask them to keep you in mind when meeting people who may benefit from those services. Reach out to former employers and let them know about your freelancing work, you never know the benefits that might come out of it.

  • Decide On A Fee:-

Create a price list with your hourly rate as well as your monthly retainer fee. You appear more professional when you have a list of prices on hand if a potential client asks for them. Don’t set your price too low or accept offers that are significantly lower than your fee, remember the price you charge reflects the work you produce, a cheap price means cheap work. Keep in mind the other side of the spectrum, if you are just starting out with your freelancing don’t set your fee outrageously high. You need to prove yourself and build a profile, once you grow as a freelancer your fee will grow as well.


As a freelancer, there are many factors that affect what you do, why you choose to do it, and the way that you choose to do it, including

  •  Experience: Do you have a lot of years in a particular skill or industry?
  •  Freelancing experience: How much freelancing experience? Are you a newbie, advanced, or master freelancer?
  •  Clients: What types of clients do you have? How much do they usually spend? How do they find freelancers? How long do they work with recruiters?
  •  Platform: How do you find clients> Do you use a job board?
  •  Resources: What resources do you have?

All of these factors (plus a plenty of others) affect your freelancing experience. As an example, a freelance with only 1 year of freelancing writing experience who just signed up for Freelancer – Hire & Find Jobs will have a totally different strategy than a 10-year experience freelance B2B marketing professional who gets most of their clients through their website.

Your focus, then, I think is on how to develop a personal freelancing strategy that works for you. For that, I would say:
When we talk about a freelance job opportunity, there is a lot of work if you know where and how to look. But you think how to get freelancing jobs and earn money. There are some ways to discover new freelancing job opportunity for any freelancer.


Hope you have understood the best freelance strategy.

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