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Blogging is an art and creativity so what it comes naturally from your mind and share honest opinions about something technologies, Share an experience, motivate someone, discussion, information or other activities on the web in form of texts, images, and videos it can reach the various readers across the world.

I think you are new to blogging. So, I should tell you blogging is letting the world know about your experiences in any niche. It can be arts, technology, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, poetry, stories, life, anything which you can pin down. The real use of your blogging is when you are delivering creative knowledge to the world through your unique style of writing.

Blogging is more like a business now. People start blogging, Make content, Advertise business, Enable ads on the website, sell products through the website, and make money creatively.But, you’ll find millions of bloggers who just want to share their Experience, share life stories with their audience.

Blogging is also about inspiration. It’s also like a creative book, covering several subjects and topics. It’s also like an organization where bloggers take part and collaborate.


 Advantage of blogging

  • Earn money by put ads on website
  • Show your talent in writing.
  • improve presentation skill.
  • Improve your communication skill.
  • Increase your knowledge.
  • Improve your writing skill.

 Process of Blogging

If you’re not earning by blogs then you’re earning indirectly by some creative skills. If you have skills you can earn money a lot. So it is better to concentrate on the blog writing. Once you’re able to post 4 to 5 blogs a day, it means you have reached to that level to get pay for your writing.

people get bored when he read one story, one news and one style of writing. your writing is like a vegetable, how you cook, it’s taste depend on your efforts. Blogging is same as cooking. visitors read your blog when they will feel it interesting. So just think how can you make your blog interesting and unique. People will read it when it is simple and unique.

 Blogging Platform

Once your blog will be liked and appreciated, you will get more visitors to your site. If you are opening your blog for the hobby you can write your posts on the blogger, but if you want to earn money through your blog. You will have to purchase your own website. As your website gets popular, people will come to you to get your site someplace for rent so that they can show their ads on the website. You will get pay for this places. As you can earn money as much you want.

 Hobby of blogging  

There is someone who has the hobby to talk so much. They will discuss with you whole day and nights but they will not tire. This is called hobby. The work which makes you happy and refreshes is called hobby. If your hobby starts to pay you, you will not feel that you are earning. It seems money is coming in free. So it depends on you why are you writing for.


Hope you have understood what is blogging.

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