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What is CSS and how to design a website or the blog with CSS

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Hello Friends, Today we will learn “What is CSS and how to design a website or the blog with CSS” I have seen a lot of people who want to learn web designing but they do not know where to start. they start to feel different web technologies and languages at the beginning and leave their intention to learn web designing. You do not have to do anything because I will tell you how to do web designing step by step.


Web designing will learn that for the first time you have to learn HTML if you do not know about HTML then you can read my “What is HTML and how you can make your website with HTML” post, because What is CSS and how Before you can design a blog or website from CSS, it is important that you have a basic knowledge of HTML.


I hope you have read my What is HTML Post and if you have any confusion then you can remove them from comments. OK, as I told you in my HTML post, we just compose the structure of our webpage, now if you want to give that structured design, then it is important for you to have knowledge of CSS. Let’s know what is CSS and how to design a blog or a website with CSS.


What is CSS?

The full name of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets if you want to understand the meaning of such style sheets (files) through which you can cascading (Arrange and Style) your HTML Elements. CSS was created by Håkon Wium Lie in 1994 and was used in 1996 on the recommendation of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). CSS is used to make the look and feel of HTML web pages good.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a design language that we use to set and change the presentation of web pages (HTML documents), layout, colors, fonts etc. CSS style is used on all WordPress theme and website. and this file has a style code.


Using CSS and learning is very easy. On the Internet, you will find thousands of websites and videos from which you can learn CSS, also in your own language in Hindi. You just need to search by typing google or youtube by searching for this type what is CSS or CSS is what or CSS tutorial for beginners or CSS tutorial and so on.

Advantages of CSS

(1) Time-Saving

The biggest advantage of CSS is that using CSS can save you a lot of time. You may have also seen that the website or blog is 2 pages or 1000 pages, every page is similar to look and design and you can use the same CSS file on multiple HTML pages.


(2)Page loads fast

If you use CSS, then you do not have to put attributes in every tag to give style in the HTML elements. If you want to give the same style to any of the HTML elements, you can easily style them all together in a CSS file, thus your HTML code gets reduced and your web page is fast loaded.


(3) Easy Maintenance

As I mentioned above you can now use the same style sheet on multiple web pages, so now if you ever want to change the design of all your web pages, then you can enter the same file Some code lines have to be changed and then the look of your entire website or blog changes together.


(4) Multiple Device Compatibility

Now the time is responsive websites. If your website or blog is not responsive, then your website or blog will never be successful. Use of CSS You can create a very good responsive design, which will show your website exactly on every type of device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop)


What is CSS and How to use CSS?

After learning about what is CSS, we will learn how to use CSS. You can use CSS in 3 ways External Style Sheet, Internal Style Sheet, and Inline Sheet but the best way out of these 3 ways is the External Style Sheet, to manage and maintain the style of your web pages. It is very easy.


To create an External Style Sheet, you can use notepad text editor in your computer or download notepad ++ text editor from the Internet. If the command is fine on your CSS, then I will suggest that you can also use the Dreamweaver software, this software will make your CSS code easier.


You can use any software after you have the CSS code, you have to save your file with a .css file extension. Whenever you save a file from a .css file extension, then you link that file to your web pages. By reading your CSS code, Browser will show your HTML page according to its style.


External Style Sheet

The CSS External Style Sheet is used mostly when you have to give multiple pages the same style. This gives you the advantage of changing your entire website from a single file. To put stylesheet in every webpage, you have to use the <link> tag in the head section on every page.



   <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”mystyle.css”>  



CSS Syntax

The CSS file has selectors, declaration blocks, properties, and values, and you just write them down by following CSS Syntax. Below you have explained all the parts of CSS syntax. Once you understand the meaning of all the parts then it will be very easy for you to learn CSS.


CSS syntax



In the style rules (Syntax) of the CSS file, first you have to select the HTML element you want to apply the CSS style and to select the HTML element, we will use the element’s tag name, class name, id name, attributes, etc. We call them selectors.


To use CSS, you must first learn the knowledge of the selectors, because by using selectors, you can select different elements and values on that element by selecting the HTML element.


Before using CSS, attributes are used only in HTML to give elements in style to formatting, which has now been deprecated (since it is now replaced by CSS). In CSS, the element you want to style is selected by selecting selectors and using style (formatting).


Property is used to apply CSS. Each element has more than one property, such as color, border, width, etc. What elements of the elements do not miss these days are all games of practice. You get all the properties in the CSS online tutorial.



As each element has different properties, each property has different values. As Color is a property, it can now have many values like red, green, yellow etc.


* {




body {



h1 {




#mydiv {




#mydiv p{


font-family: ‘Kurale’, serif;


.logo {





I hope you now understand very well what is CSS and how to design a blog from CSS. It is said that I have never lost a trial. If you have thought that yes, I have to learn web designing then you can not stop anyone from learning. Many people seem to be afraid to learn from this and go to the institute to learn all this and some people have money or time problem. I will tell you that there is no need to go anywhere to learn web designing or Not spend money.


Because whatever you want to learn in web designing, you get it very well on the internet.

I also believe that guideline is needed to learn one of these things from anywhere, for that I am there, you have any kind of problem in web designing, then you can ask me by comments.


I hope this What is CSS and how to design a website or the blog with CSS post would have liked this post. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.


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