What is NIFTY and how is it different from SENSEX

What is NIFTY and how is it different from SENSEX?


Have you ever heard about Nifty? Have you ever noticed that many people talk about NIFTY? But you can not understand their point of view because you do not know what is Nifty? So today we will provide you all the information related to NIFTY through this post.


When the matter is related to the stock market, then the name of NIFTY is taken. We often hear that NIFTY has gone up so many points. Today NIFTY closed down so many points Why NIFTY went up or why came down today, today we will know what effects can be seen on the market due to the downside of the NIFTY, let’s start what is the NIFTY.


What is NIFTY:-

NIFTY’s full form is National Stock Exchange Fifty It is a word made up of two words 1) National and 2) Fifty. It is also called NIFTY 50, but usually, most people use it in the name of NIFTY.


NIFTY is a key benchmark of the National Stock Exchange of India. This is an index of 50 major Shares listed on the National Stock Exchange. It monitors the shares of 50 major companies of the country. And in this, only 50 shares of the company can be seen which is listed.


It also takes care of the speed or slowdown in those 50 listed stocks that are listed and also provides information about them. NIFTY 50 is India’s most prominent and dominant Stock Index. This is the highest trend in the country. The second is the BSE Sensex.


In Simple Word, NIFTY is a stock index that is indexing stocks of 50 major companies. NIFTY cannot be listed on more than 50 companies.

NIFTY has indexed 50 companies in 12 different sectors.


What is the purpose of NIFTY

The job of NIFTY is to provide us information about the trick of 50 companies and market.


From NIFTY, we know that the companies which are listed in the stock, how the company is working, if the company is doing a good job then its direct effect on the company’s shares and the prices of the company’s shares increase automatically. And when the prices of a listed company go up, then it also accelerates NIFTY due to this.


Likewise, if listed companies are losing or not getting profit, then the impact also directly affects the shares of that company and the prices of shares start falling. And when there is a decrease in the prices of shares, the decline in NIFTY.



Now you should hope what is the connection between NIFTY and ECONOMY. So, we would like to tell you that there is a deep connection between NIFTY and the country’s ECONOMY.


Like the upside, if the company is doing a good job then its direct effect on the company’s shares and the prices of the company’s shares increase automatically. Then the country’s economy is doing a good job behind it. Because the more Indian companies will capitalize, the more tax will be added to the economy of India, which will make India’s economy somewhere strong.


Nifty also gives us information about the speed and slowdown in the company’s share prices, along with it also explains what is the whole market’s move. If someone wants to understand the market move, then he should understand NIFTY.


How is NIFTY made?

How NIFTY is formed or how it is calculated, it means to calculate the shares of those 50 listed companies. In the Nifty where only 50 companies are listed, around 6000 companies are listed in the NSE. Now 50 of the 6000 companies are placed in the Nifty, which can be guessed by the market move.


Most of the 50 companies listed in NIFTY are bought or sold. These 50 companies listed in the Nifty are selected from different sectors. These are the largest companies in your area. Their market capitalization is around 60% of the entire market. Whenever these companies start to buy more shares, NIFTY starts going up and when the recession comes, the Nifty stops there or comes down.


In the Nifty, the list of selected 50 companies is done by the index committee, this committee contains large economists.


What is the difference between Nifty and Sensex

Both the Nifty and the Sensex are the sensory index of the stock index. But there is some difference between the two that make them different from each other and make one better than the other. Let us know what is the difference in Sensex and NIFTY – Nifty is part of the National Stock Exchange, whereas Sensex is a part of Bombay Stock Exchange.


Where only 30 companies are listed within the other BSE ie Bombay Stock Exchange, there are 50 companies listed under NIFTY. Hence, the Nifty has been considered as more confident for the stock market. 50 companies will be able to assess the market capitalization of 30 companies in order to show the market more realistic.


The work of both of them is the same. Both are the index and the real motive for both is to show the status of the stock market.


Benefits of NIFTY

There are several advantages to NIFTY, but some of the major benefits that you need to be aware:-


1). What kind of NSE is working on the NSE’s performance only at a glance?


2). Get information easily in the market or in the market for faster and slowdown. If NIFTY goes down then the market is going to come down. The precise estimation of market movements can be leveraged through the Nifty.


3). Through NIFTY, we get information about the economy of the country easily. We get to know if the market is swift and NIFT is going upwards, then it means that the economy of the country is also going up.


So this was our post’s nifty. We have tried to share all the information related to the Nifty through this post. I hope you guys have come to understand about the Nifty. I am convinced of all the readers that you too share this information with your neighbors, relatives, your friends so that we will be aware of our interactions and will all benefit from it. I need people’s support from you so that I can bring you even more new information.


But if you see something in our post, please give your opinion in the comments box and help us improve that deficiency, thank you.


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