What is SSL? How it works and how to install SSL

What is SSL Certificate? How it works and how to install SSL

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What is SSL Certificate? Today we will talk about SSL and know what SSL is and how SSL works. SSL full form is Secure Sockets Layer. This technique was developed by NETSCAPE in the year 1990. This is a security layer that is used in the website and online application. It encrypts the information you enter and sends it to the server, which means it is encryption between you and the server.


How SSL Certificate works

Let’s assume that you make an online payment in which you enter your personal information, which you do not want to tell to anyone, then use a security layer in which we call Secure Sockets Layer. You will see that many websites include HTTP Written while HTTPS is written on many websites, the website that has HTTPS written is secured.


When you enter any information on the secure website, it is encrypted without being in the negative letter. After that, it goes to the server. Any information that comes to the server is also encrypted. This will benefit us and the server No data can be stolen from the middle and thus we can make secure payments. Now you have come to know what is SSL and how it works.


Specializing in SSL Certificate

When a visitor visits Secure Shockers Layer Secure website, his browser makes an encrypted connection with the website’s server, so that no hacker can steal data.

When the connection is complete, the padlock icon appears in the visitor’s browser and the website URL becomes https in place of HTTP.


All information about your website is Scramble by 2048-bit Encryption, hackers can not hack.


Benefits of SSL Certificate

SSL certificates have many advantages such as

All information on your website gets encrypted

Secure Sockets Layer Secure website ranks in Google search

If the website’s Sitemap is not being submitted, then installing the Secure Sockets Layer immediately submits the Sitemap.

The biggest advantage is your website can not hack any hacker.

This is very important for the E-commerce Website because the E-commerce website often has online payments.


how to buy SSL certificate

If you have a website that you want to secure, then you can purchase SSL certificate. Just like the domain or hosting you buy, SSL is to be purchased from where you have purchased domain and hosting, you have to buy SSL from the same It becomes easy to manage


By the way, Secure Sockets Layer has many types of cheap, then before purchasing several premium l Secure Sockets Layer, you need to check SSL details of which security you need in your website or you also buy SSL according to your budget. Well, there is a monthly charge of cheap SSL certificates of Rs 389. If you buy it for 1 year, then 20% – 37% discount is available.


How To Set Up SSL Certificates

step-1 If you have purchased Secure Sockets Layer, go to your account and click on My Product, here all your Product Domain Hosting and Secure Sockets Layer come. Here you have to click on SSL and then click on Manage.


step-2 Clicking on Manage will open a new page, you have to type the name of your domain or website. Keep blank Provide an email option. After this click on Request Certificate.


Step-2  After this, a new page will open, in which you will not have to do anything. Here you will see the installation process of Secure Sockets Layer, this process takes at least 30 minutes.


When the process is complete, go to your WordPress Admin panel and refresh the page, your website will display a green color pencil, which means the Secure Showers layer has become active on your website.


What to do if the SSL Certificate pedal is not visible

  • Click Settings in your WordPress Dashboard
  • Then click on General
  • Set HTTPS instead of HTTP to your WordPress URL and site URL
  • Then click on Save Changes
  • Then refresh the page

After refreshing the page, the URL of the website will be https in place of the URL and the green padlock icon will appear next to it.

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