What is the CDN

What is the CDN and why it’s important for your blog or a website

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Hello friends, This post is very important for bloggers who are troubled by the slow speed of their blog or want to speed up of their blog. Because in this post, you will learn how to use the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up your website or blog. So let’s know what is the CDN and why it’s important for your Blog or a Website?


What is the CDN and why it’s important for your Blog or a website?

If a person fades a ball on your side and another person fills a ball from you very far. Now, if I ask you, whose ball will come first, this will be an absurd question because of the close person or the person who is away, because everyone knows that the nearest person’s ball will first come to you.


Similarly, when we host our blog on a server then the server can be in any country in the world. Now assume that your website is hosted on a server in the US and now if a user accesses your website in the US, then the load time of your web pages on its browser will be very fast if you compare it to Users of India are loaded on time with the browser.


It’s a simple fact that the number of users who have access to the hosting server of your blog or website will be as fast as the page loading speed. But now we cannot host our website on a different country server. If you also want any user from accessing your website from any corner of the world, they can also access your website fast or they may have access to your hosting server or away, so you can take help from Content Delivery Network (CDN).


What is the CDN and how CDN works?

CDN means Content Delivery Network, a network of servers that sends your blog’s content (images, CSS and JavaScript) to users’ computer, with the nearest server of the geographic location of the user, so that your web pages Can be loaded as soon as possible.


Let me explain it in simple words. Our website or blog is hosted on a server in any place in the world and if a user remains far away from that server, then it takes a little time to access your website because the user’s request goes so far and that The server will also take time to process that request and process it. Now if you use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your website or blog, then there are so many different data centers (server) in the CDN world where static files (images, CSS and JavaScript).


Now if a user sends a request for a web page to your blog, then the CDN will send static files to the user from the nearest data center of that user, which also reduces the processing load on your server and the user is able to fast This way CDN helps in speeding up your blog.


Why is CDN Important for your Blog or a website?

1) Suggesting use of good CDN to improve the speed of the website or blog, such as gtmetrix, Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insights etc., all the speed checking tools.


2) If you want your blog to be in good position in the ranking of search engines, it is important for your blog to speed up.


3) If your blog’s speed is good then users of your blog will visit more web pages of your blog, which will lower your website’s bounce rate.


4) CDN makes the work of your server very easy and does not take much time to respond to the server. Apart from this, CDN also reduces your hosting bandwidth cost.


5) If there is too much traffic on your blog then your server may be down due to excess load but if you use CDN, it also handles your high traffic and greatly reduces the downtime of your server.


6) Apart from this, CDN also keeps your blog safe from Block Spammers, scrapers, bad bots and DDoS Attacks.


Best Content Delivery Network (CDN) For Your Blog And Website

Now you have come to understand that What is CDN and why it’s important for your blog or a website. But now you also want to know which CDN you use for your blog or website. On Internet, you get the CDN service both free and paid. If I talk about Free CDN, then the name of the Cloudflare CDN is the most popular. I also use the Cloudflare CDN for my blog.


If you talk about the best CDN then it is MaxCDN but this is a paid service but the most popular among the CDN service is that all the big bloggers use this MaxCDN. I would suggest you first use the Cloudflare CDN and if you start getting a good income from your blog, then you can use paid service.

I hope that you have liked this “What is the CDN and why it’s important for your blog or a website” post. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.


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