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What is The World Wide Web (WWW)


if it is said in the short form, you need to know about www before you know that the easier it is to use the internet, the techniques working behind it are complex but some attention After studying, it can be understood comfortably. So let’s talk about what is the world wide web¬†Before explaining about what is the World Wide Web – world wide web or www, let me tell you that I am not here to give any very technical or complex definition, but I will try to explain to you in a very simple way that this is actually What happens and how it works, first of all, try to understand it through an example.

You use the internet throughout the day and keep going for information from one website to another and it is very easy. When we are reading an article on any website and there are some links given on the website, To go to the pages of the page you click on that link, then you can reach any other information in some other place.


For example, if you go to, then see what is the address of its website, which is something like this that it’s beginning www is located and the address of that website is next to it, we call it URL or link also, but when you visit its website then after reading any news you are given a link below for some articles. Those who have the title also say that you can read the title Can be Ri news that he Titles you interested in Nice or you read it | If you like that article title then you click on it to read that news and you go to the second page. The title you click on is actually acting like a link which is meant to go to another page and the entire internet works almost similarly and in such a manner, saving information in a manner. It helps in keeping and we easily find the information of your choice.


So we can say in simplest language that world Wide Web is a way of saving information and displaying it through the Internet, in which content or articles are linked to each other, we It may also be said that www is such a place where there are URLs of identifying or accessing the content of the content and the contents are interconnected via hypertext links and they are connected to the Internet gateway Access can be done from anywhere. Talk about Internet History, the band named Tim Berners-Lee introduced the logo to the World Wide Web in 1989 and also credits the creation of the world’s first Internet browser.


When the WWW started – Although Tim Berners-Lee had said the first thing about it in 1989, but on 6th August 1991, it went live to the world, so we can say that the modern internet was only started and the maximum The thing is that till that time people did not even know what the Internet is and how it works and the internet we know is in front of you.



Hope you have understood what is world wide web (www)

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