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What is Visual effect and How Does Work


people are searching for Google what is VFX and how does work, so today we are going to tell you about this topic. These words were not so popular among the Indians in the last few years but when the Bollywood movie Bahubali was released, all of them started trying to know how so many scenes were made in Bahubali because it is impossible to have such a scene in the real world. Then tried to know about it, it was discovered that there is VFX technology behind it, which used to make such a grand scenes in the movie Bahubali.

Well, for your information tell, most of the Hollywood movies are made from VFX technology. Whether it was the world’s highest grossing Hollywood movie ‘Avatar‘ or ‘Titanic‘, visual effects were also used on a large scale in both films. The Titanic film, which was shown in the vast sea, was actually a pool that had been made by sea through VFX Software. In the same incarnation, 10 ft tall people from other worlds were created by this technique.


What is VFX Software(visual effects)

Now, this technique is being used so you will also want to know what is VFX? It is also called visual effects, the use of large video editing software available on the computer to create visual effects. Most of this technology is used to make films. It is used in Hollywood movies but now it is being used in Bollywood too. Like this, Shahrukh’s film Ra One and Salman Khan’s Kick and Hrithik Roshan’s film Krrish also used this technique. However, now it is being used in every upcoming Bollywood movie because in it any scene can be made to the best and the cost is also reduced.

How Visual effects is Working

Now we know that the large video editing software available in computers is used to create big and magnificent scenes. But now the question is, what is visual effects and  how visual effects work, to create visual effects of any scene, it is shot first by the director and actor when the actor is acting, the green or the blue color behind it The background is set to make it easier to change its background later. After acting as an actor in any scene, he is now edited with the VFX software available in the computer. visual effects software changes that green or blue background to a grand background. In this way, any scene can be best made using visual effects.

Now you may have known that what visual effect is all about is how visual effects work and it is mostly used for film-making. With this technique, you will now be seen in Bollywood as a movie with a great scene, and we all know that Hollywood films are known for their magnificent scenes that are made from visual effects.


List of  visual effects software

  1. HitFilm
  2. Media Composer
  3. After Effects
  4. Fusion
  5. Filmora
  6. Smoke
  7. Flame
  8. Blender
  9. Red Giant Effects Suite
  10. Nuke
  11. ZBrush
  12. MotionStudio 3D
  13. Houdini FX
  14. Final Effects Complete
  15. Sapphire
  16. Natron
  17. RealFlow
  18. SpeedTree Cinema
  19. Massive Prime
  20. ParticleIllusion
  21. Silhouette
  22. SGO Mistika

Hope you have understood what is visual effects, and how visual effects work.

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