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What is WordPress Framework (All About Highly Recommended CMS Framework)

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Friends, using the Internet, you have never heard of WordPress ever. Have you ever had a thought in your mind (what is WordPress)? So friends, through this post, I will tell you what is WordPress?

This is not a new word who have information about websites and blogs. But if you also want to step in the blogging world or you also wish to make a career in Blogging, then it is important for you to know about it too. In this, you can create your own website and blog without any knowledge of Coding or Programming. This is the most popular and used the blogging platform in today’s time. So let’s know what WordPress is all about?

What is WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that helps users create Dynamic Websites and Blogs. This means that Open Source based on the PHP MySQL Framework is absolutely free CMS. It was launched on 27th May 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. But WordPress was Declare as Open Source in October 2009.


If you do not know what is the Content Management System (CMS) then you can take full information about Content Management System (CMS) by clicking this link

What is CMS


WordPress is a Web Development Framework, which is used by most people in the world, supports most Communities, the most Plugins and Themes are available for it and take into account the use of WordPress in comparison to any other CMS framework. And modifying is much simpler. Most Websites (about 25%) on the internet are made in WordPress. It is not necessary to use any programming language like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL etc. to use it. That is, a common person, which is the only Basic Knowledge of Computer Programming, can easily create a blog or website of himself using different types of freely available themes, plugins, and templates.

On Internet, you get WordPress’s two websites, WordPress.org and WordPress.com. What is the difference between the two, I will tell you in the next post. Right now, I tell you in short that wordpress.com is a free service on which you can create an account and create it as your free blog (yournameame.wordpress.com). While wordpress.org is its community from where you can download WordPress Software, Its Themes, Plugins etc, as well as solve any kind of problem through the community. For this, you have to take hosting from any hosting provider, like BlueHost, Godaddy, Hostgator, namecheap.com etc. All Hosting Provider Company offers WordPress as a Free App for creating Blogs. After installing on your hosting account, you can easily create a website, neither need a coding nor to create a database. WordPress does all the work automatically.

Who Use WordPress

There are many famous blogging websites on the internet that are using WordPress for a lot of years and also advise to use

  • ShoutmeLaud.com: You want to learn blogging and earn money so Check out this site.That is made by WordPress.
  • labnol.org: The most famous blog for technology and how to use millions of people. That is also made by WordPress.
  • freejobalert.com: Millions of people use it to see news related to recruitments, this is also made by WordPress.
  • achhikhabar.com: This website of Gopal Ji, working in the field of Hindi, which thousands of people read, and inspiring stories, these websites are also on WordPress.There are many successful websites through which millions of people are able to learn a lot and visit daily.



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