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Safety in winter, there is no desire to leave the bed immediately. Hunger increases and physical hard work decreases. But if you start with the small things in the morning, then this season will prove to be a boon for your health and beauty.

Exercise before leaving the bed

As soon as you get out of bed, leave your body taut and loose. Again tanie and loosely leave Repeat this verb four-five times. Doing so will increase the heat temperatures in the body. If you have time, then stand in one place and jog a bit for some time. By doing this, the body will be swift-quick and your next work will be fast.

Ubuntu Bath & Freshness

Do not give so much importance to soap in the bath. Put somebody upside down. Rinse arm, feet, knees, back, and neck, after rubbing, after that, stop. Then wipe the body with a rough towel. This type of bath will feel freshness, finesse, and warmth.


These days hunger looks more and hungry stomach seems colder. Eat nutritious breakfast in the morning. Eat plenty of energy in food. Eat protein, cheese, milk, cereals, potatoes, fresh fruits and green vegetables. Taking hot soup is also good these days.

Select clothing according to the weather. Adopt funk colors. The best way to escape from winter is to wear many warm clothes with a thin fold rather than a single heavy hot cloth. It would be better if the inside garments belong to cotton. Do not get worried by wearing gloves and muse, you will also get relief and protect skin.

Wear warm clothes according to the cold, but sometimes the body also gets cold. Enjoying the weather is also important.

Walk on foot

If you are working and the office is not far away from your home, then you may go on foot if possible. This will increase blood circulation, which will reduce the cold. Minimize the use of the lift in this season. Stairs must be taken two to four times a day. This will also be the exercise of the body and the heat will also come. If your work is not high in walking, then whenever you get time, stay in the house for a while. Walking transmits heat to the body.

Save hands and feet

Protect the edges and lips from cracking. Massage the feet and protect them from the winter. Keep wearing socks with the sleeper in the house. Will not scorch.  Applying Vaseline and Chapsticks on the lips, it will not dry up.

Wear pink color

Make a make-up with humble clothes as well as makeup colors. Various shed lipsticks of brown or red color will flush these days. If you do make-up eyes, then use gray, gray, golden and bright color shade.

Room temperature

Do not sleep in a very hot or air-conditioned room. This will save you from winter, but when you wake up in the morning, you will be surrounded by sluggishness rather than feeling your refreshment.

Moisturizer best companion

These days the winters, along with the winters, have a wide impact of sunlight on the skin. Therefore, use moisturizers as well as cold cream. Use petroleum, lanolin, mineral oil, glycerin etc. to maintain skin moisture. These moisturizing elements will also protect the skin. Clean facial cleansing milk daily Winter Care Lotion Completes shortage of both cold cream and moisturizer. Choose a good company lotion these days. The weather will not have any effect on your skin.


Hope you have looked 10 steps to safely in winter.

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